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                2018-2019學年高中《活頁題選》選修6人教版英語配◣套聽力-Unit 2 B
                資源類型: 音頻
                • 掃描二〇維碼在線聽
                • 在線聽在彼之丘力播放
                資源科目: 英語
                更新時間: 2018-08-17
                資源星幣: 0.0 天星幣
                資源版本: 新人教版

                Text 1

                W: Tom, you look upset. What's up?

                M: The final exam is around the corner. You can't imagine how nervous I am now.

                Text 2

                W: Hey, you are wet all over! Had a shower?

                M: No, it's too hot here. I can't stand it any more.

                Text 3

                W: Jack, you are late again. Where were you?

                M: Ms. White told me to stay behind after school. She said that I had to redo my homework.

                Text 4

                M: Can I help you?

                W: Very nice hats. I like them. How much are they?

                M: The price was 30 for each, but they are on sale at half price now.

                Text 5

                M: Jane, are you going home now?

                W: No, I am going to borrow some books from the library before it closes.

                M: My watch says 5:35, so you have only 25 minutes left.

                Text 6

                M: Hello, it is Carol, isn't it?

                W: Oh, Mike? My goodness! I haven't seen you for ages.

                M: Nice to see you again after all these years. What have you been doing?

                W: Well, I tried many things after we left school. I'm now working for a large oil company, uh, in charge of sales, mainly. So, I travel a lot.

                M: That's great! You must really enjoy that.

                W: Yeah, it's exciting. It is quite tiring, though. What about you, Mike? What do you do?

                M: I work in a law firm. I'm practicing business law.

                W: Oh! That's interesting.

                M: Yeah, I'm happy doing what I do.

                W: Good.

                M: Anyway, it's great to see you. We must get together sometime.

                W: Yes, we should.

                Text 7

                W: Good morning, Sales Department. May I help you?

                M: Could I speak to Mr. Smith, please?

                W: Sorry. Mr. Smith is having a meeting with the managing director at the moment, I'm afraid. Would you like me to leave a message for him?

                M: Well, I want to discuss with him the new project we signed last week.

                W: I don't think the meeting will go on much longer. Shall I ask him to call you back when he is free?

                M: Yes, that would be nice. Your are so thoughtful.

                W: Could I have your name and number, please?

                M: Yes. It's Jerry Lee. My number is 010-67893234.

                W: OK. Mr. Smith will be calling you back later this morning, Mr. Lee.

                M: Thank you for your help. Goodbye.

                W: You are welcome. Goodbye.

                Text 8

                W: You are in low spirits today.

                M: You are right, doctor. I haven't slept well for the last few days.

                W: What is your problem?

                M: It's my term paper. I have to turn it in next week. I've been staying up late every night. When I finally get to bed, I can't help thinking about my paper.

                W: That's terrible. Have you finished your paper yet?

                M: I don't think so. That's why I'm feeling stressed now. I'm not eating properly, either. I don't have breakfast, and I'm too busy to have lunch. By the time I get home in the evening, I just have no appetite for food.

                W: Oh, no. You poor guy! You have to take better care of yourself, or you'll break down. You need to stop studying like that. And you need to eat some healthy food, including grain, meat, fruits and vegetables every day. It does you harm if you always eat pizzas and hamburgers.

                M: I'll try. Thank you, doctor.

                Text 9

                M: I have a three-week vacation coming up in a few months, and I want to take a trip.But I don't really know where I want to go.

                W: Do you want to stay in this country, or would you prefer to go abroad?

                M: I think I'd like to visit a foreign country. I'm not interested in Africa, but any place else would be fine.

                W: Well, that leaves Asia, South America and Europe. Oh, I almost forgot Australia. Are you interested in seeing anything in particular? Historical buildings? Museums? Countryside? People?

                M: Historical buildings might be interesting, but museums are too boring.I'd like to see some interesting sights, too. If I'm going to spend lots of money on a trip, I don't want to be bored.

                W: It sounds as if you would like to go to Europe — possibly to France, Spain or Italy.There are excellent hotels, and in particular, so many interesting sights to see.

                M:Well, you've convinced me. I'll take a ticket to Paris.

                Text 10

                About a year ago, the rock band club I was in at school had our first performance in front of a live audience. We were playing at a local senior center to collect money for a charity. We were going to perform four songs. I always practised them perfectly and I thought to myself, "I'm going to rock this show."

                About five minutes before the show I did a sound check and I realized I had forgotten to tune my guitar. But I wasn't worried that I hadn't tuned it because I thought I was ready. Right before we had to perform, I used my friend George's tuner but it wasn't working properly. I sounded so bad that my instructor told me to lower my volume during the show. I was eventually drowned out by every other instrument. During our second song I thought, "I ruined my first show already," and I knew I disappointed everyone.

                Now I always try to make a list in my head of what I need to do before a performance. Since then I have been tuning up for shows at least 10 minutes before they start and I've been rocking every show since.


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