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                2018-2019學年高中《活頁題選》選修6人教版英語配套聽∴力-Unit 5 A
                資源類型: 音頻
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                資源科目: 英語
                更新時間: 2018-08-17
                資源星幣: 0.0 天星幣
                資源版本: 新人教版

                Text 1

                W: International Shipping, Elaine speaking, may I help you?

                M: Allan MacFarlane speaking. Could I speak to Bob Harris, please?

                W: Hold on a moment please, Mr. MacFarlane. I'll just put you through.

                Text 2

                M: One step left. Good! Look at the building and point to it. Great! Lift your head a bit. Fantastic!

                W: Is it done?

                M: Yes, perfectly! Wait for one minute and you'll see the picture!

                Text 3

                W: I hate to say it. But Jacky isn't doing well in the film.

                M: Well, I think he's only playing a different type of role. My sister thinks he is still the best.

                Text 4

                W: Can I come to see you at 10:00, Professor Brown?

                M: I'm sorry, Susan, but I'll be meeting my students then. Why not come half an hour later?

                Text 5

                M: Why do you want to return that sweater, Beth? It's cheap. And you like red.

                W: It's nice, but I want something more fashionable. And I think blue looks better on me.

                Text 6

                W: Can I help you, sir

                M: I'd like to go somewhere near the water.

                W: Then might I make a suggestion? Why not choose the Pearl Islands?

                M: Oh, that does sound interesting.

                W: The swimming and sunbathing are excellent. The hotels are quiet and comfortable.    There's also plenty of sightseeing. You'll find it on pages 45 to 48 in this travel book.

                M: I'll take it if I may.

                W: Certainly and would you like anything else

                M: No, thanks.

                Text 7

                M: Helen, you must be excited at going abroad.

                W: Yeah, I've been looking forward to it for ages.

                M: What do your classmates think of it?

                W: They give me a lot of congratulations.

                M: How long will you study there?

                W: Oh, maybe three years. I'll study and get the master's degree first, and then I'll decide whether I will stay there or come back.

                M: Which university will you go to?

                W: The University of Chicago. My major is economics.

                Text 8

                M: Hello, Susan. How was everything in New York?

                W: Never been better, Henry. How are you? How is your family?

                M: Everyone is fine, but actually I am feeling a little tired these days.

                W: You are getting older, Henry. And you are heavier than you used to be.

                M: Everyone is getting older, but you look younger than ever. What's your secret?

                W: There is no secret. I get more exercise than ever, and I am more careful about my diet. You should take action, too.

                M: You are right. When the weather is warmer, I'll do it.

                W: No, Henry. You should start now.

                M: OK, I'll start today. Thank you for your advice.

                Text 9

                W: Hello, Tom. What are you doing?

                M: I will have a test soon, so I'm studying for it.

                W: Are you making any progress?

                M: Not much. The English test is coming and I really don't know what to do. How is your English? How do you study it?

                W: I listen to English songs and watch films in English on the Internet. Very interesting and great.

                M: I've never heard of doing that.

                W: You can also surf the Internet to learn more about western culture.

                M: That's really wonderful.

                W: Right. In fact, learning English is not as difficult as you think. It can be fun.

                M: Next time, can you show me how to use the Internet to study English?

                W: Sure. I have to go to school now. Good luck with your exam. Bye-bye.

                M: Well, see you next time. Bye-bye.

                Text 10

                   M: I wasn't too fond of the lecture classes of 400 students in my general course. Halfway through my second term when I was considering whether or not to come back in the fall, I went on the Internet and came across AmeriCorps. Then I joined an organization, and that's what I did last school year. I worked on making roads, building a house, serving as a teacher's assistant and working as a camp officer in several projects in South Carolina and Florida. It's been a great experience, and I've almost learned more than what I could have in college since I didn't really want to be at that school and wasn't interested in my major anyway. I thought this was better for me. After 1,700 hours of service I received 4,750 dollars. I can use that to pay off the money I borrowed from the bank or for what I need when I go back to school this fall at the Ohio State University in Columbus. Classes are smaller there and I'll be majoring in German education. After working with the kids, now I know, I want to be a teacher.


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