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                2018-2019學年高中《活頁題選》選修6人教版英語』配套聽力-Unit 5 B
                資源類型: 音頻
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                資源科目: 英語
                更新時間: 2018-08-17
                資源星幣: 0.0 天星幣
                資源版本: 新人教版

                Text 1

                W: Excuse me, Professor Henry. Could you spare me some time?

                M: Sorry, I am giving a lecture in the hall in a few minutes.

                Text 2

                W: You mustn't leave your car unlocked while you are away.

                M: No, I won't. Please don't worry too much.

                Text 3

                W: I hear you attended the concert held in the city hall last weekend. How do you like it?

                M: I'm glad I attended it. It was really a hit. The music was terrific, and the band did a good job. I was totally absorbed in their performance during the two hours.

                Text 4

                M: The doctor said if I kept smoking, I would increase my chance of having a heart attack.

                W: Did he suggest losing some weight, too?

                Text 5

                W: Excuse me, sir. Is there a barber’s near here?

                M: Yes, the nearest one is at the third crossing of this road.

                Text 6

                W: Excuse me, I want to buy a new phone.

                M: What kind do you have in mind?

                W: I'm interested in a phone with a color screen and English menu capabilities.

                M: We have a few of those in stock.

                W: Which one is the cheapest?

                M: The cheapest one only comes in black. Here it is.

                W: I don't like that color. Is there anything else?

                M: Yes. But it's a little bit more expensive.

                W: It's OK.

                Text 7

                M: Air pollution is so bad in this city. I think the government should stop people from driving cars on certain days.

                W: You have a point. Air pollution is a problem. But not letting people drive on certain days is a bad idea. People have to go to work by car.

                M: I'm afraid I don't agree with you there. Reducing air pollution is really important. People are so used to driving that they don't think about ways to do things. If we stop them from driving on certain days, maybe they could think of new ways to get around.

                W: I see your point. But I still think it wouldn't be possible to stop people from driving.

                Text 8

                M: Let’s go and have lunch together.

                W: OK!

                M: By the way, I’m thinking of going to New Zealand around Christmas and staying there for three weeks. It’s such a beautiful country. I’ve never been there before.

                W: Have you booked the flight?

                M: Not yet. I’m planning to book my flight in two weeks’ time.

                W: Book your flight right now.

                M: Why?

                W: Because the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will be. As a matter of fact, the prices may double at Christmas time. New Zealanders usually go home for Christmas.

                M: Then I’m going to book my flight tomorrow morning.

                Text 9

                W: Excuse me. I'm doing research on behalf of the local sports committee. Would you mind answering a few questions?

                M: Well, if it won't take too long, OK.

                W: Are you a student or...

                M: I've just started work actually. I'm teaching maths.

                W: Oh, yes? And do you use the public swimming pool regularly?

                M: About once a week, I suppose, though it might be less in winter.

                W: Uh-huh. And how about the cost? Are the charges reasonable?

                M: Well, I can afford them, but I think they're a bit too high, really, especially for schoolkids and families.

                W: If there could be some other sports facilities, do you have any opinion about how those should be paid for?

                M: I think the sports committee can get help from local businesses.

                W: Well, thank you for your help.

                M: That's OK. Bye.

                Text 10

                    Welcome to Montfort School, Yercaud. Thank you for choosing our school and for joining the happy Montfort family, which has been educating boys and girls since 1917.We are so happy that you have taken time off to be with us today. It is with great pleasure that we have prepared some events that we hope will please you. At 9:00 am, our headmaster will give you a welcome speech; this will be in the school hall. Please be seated by 8:45 am. Following the speech, it's the guide tour of the exhibition at 9:30 am. Here you can see the history of our school and our achievements in the field of education. The exhibition is laid out in the classrooms on the 2nd floor.

                    Then the guide tour of science labs is at 10:20 am. Here you can see the subjects that new students will be studying. You will also notice that our labs have excellent equipment. At 11:00 am, you will be guided to practical areas, which cover our technical workshops. At Montfort, we believe in allaround development of our students.

                    Lunch will be at 12:00.It has been specially prepared for our guests. All our teachers and student leaders will be present to answer any questions that you have in your minds. We are so happy that you could be with us today.


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