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                資源類型: 音頻
                • 掃描二維碼在線聽
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                資源科目: 英語
                更新時間: 2018-08-17
                資源星幣: 0.0 天星幣
                資源版本: 新人教版

                Text 1

                M: Hurry up. We'll be late for the concert.

                W: It's only 7 o'clock now. It only takes 5 minutes to get there. There will be plenty of time if we leave at 7:15.

                Text 2

                M: I'm sorry, Miss, but you are driving at 45 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone.

                W: But I'm late for a very important appointment.

                M: Sorry, no excuse, Miss.

                Text 3

                M: You must be thirsty. Would you like a bottle of Coca-Cola?

                W: I would rather have a bottle of beer than Coca-Cola.

                Text 4

                W: Is this a place where I can catch the bus to the zoo

                M: Yes, you can take a T-30 from here, but then you have to walk six blocks.

                W: That's bad. I'm too tired. Maybe I should take a taxi.

                Text 5

                M: How was the job interview? I think you'll make a good journalist. I remember[JP] you were the best writer in the class.

                W: Well, in fact, my application was turned down. They were looking for people with experience in the profession.

                Text 6

                W: Recently the ten worst occupations are selected by one magazine.

                M: I read it, so reasonable.

                W: The headwaiters of restaurants rank first because of the dark future. The counter waiters and hall waiters rank second because of the rising workloads. And the ticket inspectors who have low salaries rank third.

                M: The tour guides are also listed in it.

                W: And dishwashers, cleaners and guards.

                M: Should the models be put in it?

                W: Of course not.

                Text 7

                M: Let's just go in for a minute. I'm hungry.

                W: OK, but just a snack. We're eating supper at home tonight.

                M: Let's get some milk and bread.

                W: I don't really like milk. How about a soda?

                M: They say Coca-Cola makes you fat. Milk is healthier.

                W: Oh, if you want to be healthy, buy yoghurt. And put back those butter cookies you have in your hand.

                M: Alright! I'll get some juice. How about this bread?

                W: It looks fresh, but we'll be home soon.

                M: But I'm hungry now! I'll get the bread and eat it at the bus stop.

                W: Don't forget the juice.

                M: I'll get two bottles, one for you and one for me.

                W: Thanks, now let's go.

                Text 8

                M: How often do you use the Internet?

                W: I use it almost every day, but I usually only use it to check my business e-mail and contact my friends. I often don't surf the Internet.

                M: I use the Internet a lot. I use it to find products at the lowest prices for my company. It can be upsetting when the connection is poor.

                W: So, you're online eight hours a day.

                M: Yes, I like the job, though. Sometimes, I help other people in the office if they're having trouble online.

                W: How do you find the Internet as a source of information?

                M: I think it's fairly useful, but there are some problems.

                W: What are the problems?

                M: First, a lot of information you find online is false. Second, when you buy something online, you don't see it until you actually get it. The biggest problem is that people easily get addicted to it and buy what they don't need.

                Text 9

                W: Good morning. This is China Auto Rental.

                M: Good morning, Miss. A friend of mine suggested I call you to hire a car.

                W: Oh, yes. A lot of people do this these days.

                M: Yes, we are just on holiday here for a few days and he said it would be a good idea to hire a car to get around the city.

                W: Well, it certainly is. What kind of car do you want to hire?

                M: What can you suggest?

                W: We have a variety of choices, such as Xiali, which is the cheapest, 200 yuan a day. Citroen, Jetta, Elysee, and Santana are the big favorites these days.

                M: How much if I hire a Santana for three days?

                W: Oh, that will be 1,200 yuan.

                M: Oh, it sounds a bit too expensive. What about a Jetta?

                W: It will be 300 yuan a day.

                M: Then I'd better hire a Jetta tomorrow morning. Would there be any problem?

                W: No problem at all. Now let me take down your name and telephone number.

                Text 10

                    Today, we visit one of the most famous national parks in America. You can find it high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the western state of California. It is one of the most wonderful places in the country. Its name is Yosemite.

                    Yosemite National Park is a place of extremes. It has high mountains. It has valleys formed by ancient ice that cut deep into the Earth millions of years ago. Water from high mountains falls in many places to the green valley far below. There are thirteen waterfalls in Yosemite Valley. One of these waterfalls, Yosemite Falls, is the fifth highest on the Earth. Up in the mountains are clear lakes, fast-moving rivers, and huge rock formations. One rock is called Half Dome. It rises more than 2,700 meters into the air.

                    More than 60 kinds of animals live in the park. Deer are very common. Sometimes you might even see a large black bear or a mountain lion. More than 200 kinds of birds live in Yosemite. There are giant sequoia trees. One of these trees is called Grizzly Giant. It is more than 1,800 years old. It is almost 63 meters tall. At its base, it is 28 meters around. The old trees can make visitors feel quite small.


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