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                【新牛津版】教材幫必修第ζ三冊 模塊綜合本命精血啊測評
                資源類型: 音頻
                • 掃描二維碼在至尊神位第三百八十七線聽
                • 在線聽力播放
                資源科目: 英語
                更新時間: 2020-10-26
                資源星幣: 0.0 天星幣
                資源版本: 譯林版

                【新牛津版】教材幫 高中版 必修第三◇冊 模塊綜合測評

                Text 1

                W: The milk in the refrigerator smells bad. I dont think it is drinkable.

                M: No joke. It was out of date three weeks ago.

                Text 2

                M: Its really hot today. The temperature must be over 35℃. The forecast is for rain in the afternoon.

                W: Why not put off the picnic until tomorrow?

                Text 3

                W: Id like to buy a new car, but this model of Toyota is too expensive.

                M: More than expensive.

                Text 4

                W: Well, Id rather be going home now. Its been great seeing you again.

                M: Oh, it was nice seeing you too.

                Text 5

                M: What can I do for you, madam?

                W:Im looking for a new dress for my daughter as a Christmas present.

                Text 6

                M: Mary, I hope youve been well prepared to leave.

                W: Yes, but not exactly. Where is my passport?

                M: Your passport? Thats the one thing you mustnt leave behind.

                W: Ive packed it, but I cant remember which bag its in.

                M: Well, you have to find it at the airport. Come on, the taxi is waiting.

                W: The plane doesnt leave within two hours. Anyway, Im ready to go now.

                M: Hurry up.

                W: Im sure theres no need to rush.

                M: There is. I asked the taxi driver to wait two minutes, not twenty.

                W: All right.

                Text 7

                W: Is there anything else you would like to buy?

                M: Im looking for a sweater for my wife.

                W: All our sweaters are in this section. What do you think of this one here?

                M: It looks nice, but my wife usually prefers orange to red.

                W: How about this one? It is of pure wool made in Australia.

                M: I hope she will like it. How much is it?

                W: Its ...seventy-five dollars plus tax.

                M: Its a little expensive. Do you think its possible to get a discount?

                W: Since you like it so much, how about a 10 percent discount? Thats the best I can offer.

                M: Thank you. Ill take it.

                Text 8

                W: So, what are you going to do this summer?

                M: Well, Im probably going on holiday with my parents for a week. Will you stay here or go home?

                W: Neither will I. Im planning a trip to Scotland for the summer.

                M: For the whole summer?

                W: Yes, for seven weeks. Im ready to work in a hotel in the mountains.

                M: Really? That sounds great!

                W: Yes, I hope so. I mean the work wont be very interesting, but my hours are seven till ten in the morning and five till nine in the evening.

                M: How did you find it?

                W: In a newspaper. It tells you about all kinds of different jobs in different places.

                M: Sounds so good!

                Text 9

                M: Hello, Susan. How is everything in New York?

                W: Never better, Henry. How are you? How is the family?

                M: Everyone is fine, but actually I am feeling a little tired these days.

                W: You are getting older, Henry. And you are heavier than you used to be.

                M: Everyone grows older, but you look younger than ever. Whats your secret?

                W: There is no secret. I get more exercise than you, and I am more careful about my diet. You should be, too.

                M: You are right. When the weather is warmer, Ill do it.

                W: No, Henry. You should start now.

                M: OK, Ill start today. Thank you for the advice.

                Text 10

                M: When I graduated from high school, I went straight from my high school graduation to working for my father. After 24 years I decided that I wanted to return to school and earn a degree. Some told me that it was too late. Others told me that I was too old. My heart told me that if it were meant to be that God would make it happen. One day while looking up information on how to go about getting into college, a little window popped up on my screen. It said, "Do you think you are too old to go back to school?" I clicked on the box and there I found an online college. I spoke to someone in the school and they assisted me in getting loans to pay for it.They told me that I could take classes any way that I wanted. I also found out that I could attend classes from home so that I could be there for my son. Now today, almost 2 years later, I will be not only graduating but graduating with honors. So for anyone out there who thinks that something is out of reach or impossible, remember this: if I would have listened to those people who told me I couldnt do it, then today would just be Saturday.

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